Visit Paros Island

This absolute white light that captures you and at the same time makes you feel as free as never before on a place.

Paros and its components: the light, the sun, the clear shorelines and unique beaches, relaxation and adrenaline, the people, tastes, ancient pathways and contemporary routes, all these capture you immediately when you arrive at the dock. Two steps further and you become another person.

The crystal waters at all the island’s beaches offer a unique sense of freedom. You swim, fly, see more clearly, as the sun “depicts” with its rays the absolute clarity of the scenery. All green landscapes constitute ideal routes in order to be found in a primal nature that welcomes you in every step. Having “Aeolus” on your side, you can even fly above the waves of the Aegean Sea and let adrenaline make you one with it. You can find all the passion, love and care if you choose either the lively entertainment that you need in order to get rid of city stress or quality entertainment opportunities at a calmer pace.

Now if you seek for a completely “inner” experience, the church of Ekatontapyliani is there, standing proud and ready to welcome you. Paros has it all! And there is also Antiparos with the cave where if you go down, you can feel the “dew” along the centuries that curved it and you can come out of it reborn and ready to enjoy the “kiss” of the sun and sea. Paros is a way of living free, is a journey and a destination. It is here and we know how to introduce it to you so as to make it yours!.